Picnics are for Lovers

posted by Angelique Meyer | February 21, 2014
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Picnics are about getting away, the unpredictability, the unexpected which leads them to being relaxing, a breath of fresh air and potentially a memorable and romantic dining experience.

Planning a picnic is an excellent idea for any special occasion or to spend some quality time together. Getting out of the house on a regular basis is sometimes all that’s needed to reboot the relationship. The trick is to keep it simple and elegant. I’m not going to give you recipes here, rather ingredients you can pluck out of the fridge or from a supermarket, deli or specialty food store.

Personally, I’m a purist and believe that a real picnic requires you to sit on a blanket on the ground, not on a chair at a table. I find sitting and eating on the ground a delightful experience that encompasses all five senses. I you can’t do without a chair, why not give cushions a try instead?

Below I’ve created list of romantic places to hold a picnic and a comprehensive picnic packing list.  In my next blog, I’ll be covering seductive picnic themes.

Romantic Places to hold a Picnic

A place with shade or shelter from the elements

At a festival, the races, the polo

At the zoo

Band rotunda

Berry picking

Beside a fireplace, brazier or bonfire

Favourite spot from your childhood

Hill or a rise with a view

Historic places

In your garden or borrow a friend’s

Lunchtime escape from the office in a nearby park

On your bed

On a boat, ferry or train

Open air performance

Orchard or olive grove

Outdoor bath or spa pool

Park or rose garden*

Pine forest


Secluded scenery

Sculpture park

Sunset or sunrise

Tea on the lawn

Waterfall, river, lake, beach or pier

Wine country


*Visit the i-SITE Visitor Information Centre in your town or region; they should have free information about all parks in your area.

Picnic Packing List

A quilt/large woven beach mat/Persian carpet/a tartan blanket/checked tablecloth/sheepskins

Extra blankets to cover you both for a nap

Tarpaulin for underneath blanket or mat if required

A scatter of cushions

A picnic basket/backpack/cold bag (lighter than chilly bin)/wooden wine crate/ shopping trundler

Sun umbrella/sunhats (or find a shady tree)/sunglasses

Linen napkins/paper napkins/wet wipes/tea towels

Cutlery (try wooden or bamboo instead of plastic, available at delis)/plates/bread board/Swiss Army Knife/bread and cheese knife

Tumblers/wine glasses/champagne flutes/wine tumblers (no stems) – or use wine glass prongs also known as cocktail cradles, which you skewer into the ground

Corkscrew (or uncork bottles in advance)/bottle opener/ice bucket/pre-frozen chill sleeve for wine/ice/ice packs

Bottled water (freeze plastic bottles of water to double as ice packs)

Thermos and cups

Picnic salt & pepper shaker (or twist small amounts into waxed paper)

Condiments such as chilli, horseradish, mayo, mustard, tomato sauce, soya, vinaigrette, butter

Insect repellent/SPF lotion/First Aid kit (in car)

Rubbish bag/toilet paper

Music in the form of iPod and speakers/ghetto blaster

Fire safe lanterns/torch

Books or e-reader/Sunday papers/board games/cards/balls/Frisbee

Things to Remember Before you Set Off

Freeze your ice packs the night before

Check the weather forecast before leaving

Dress appropriately

Meat, poultry, fish and seafood need to remain refrigerated or packed in ice and eaten as soon as possible.

Put your phones and other gadgets on silent. You’ll never be able to enjoy your partner and unwind with zings and pings alerting you to incoming texts and emails every few minutes.


Special thanks to Lesley Christensen-Yule for helping edit this piece.


Wine, grapes and chesse on the terrace vineyard in Lavaux region, Switzerland